Translated into Italian Rick Ross essay on ‘Seven’

In the collective imagination, the seven are only small religious groups, devoted to a life secret and secluded, and who are in extreme cases come to engage in conduct that the author of this book, Rick Alan Ross, calls “destructive.” however, it is not so because, as its Rick Alan Ross teaches us this with its extensive treaty, often sects have considerable size and popularity, nor are they all bent upon purely religious matters. By groups of “self-help” to companies dedicated to marketing “multilevel”, examples of entities and situations that closely resemble a cult abound and find in this book a thorough examination. The seven, then, are not even limited to just the western world but, as demonstrated by famous news stories, abound with all their destructive behavior in the rest of the world. By the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments in Uganda to the Aum sect in Japan until the Falun Gong in China, the tragedy that these groups have provoked leave an indelible scar in the history of mankind.


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